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Masturbation/Unbearable testicle pain after masturbation


QUESTION: Hello ! I'm Bishal Dutta, 17 years old boy.  I've a healthy figure right now. I got a serious problem which makes me feel danger.  I've been suffering from testis pain after every time of masturbation since 2-3 months.  I showed this defect to several doctors but told me not to worry.  Today I have done it & suffering from unbearable pain. Sometimes I did it before going for urine/toilet.  I felt that I should have not done masturbation before toilet.  Sometimes pain appears after masturbation. If I do it ever everyday I feel normal, no pain arises . But If I do it taking 3-4days gap , uncomfortable pain arises.  My brother also a doctor, told me it might be the effect of crisis of protein. I was lightly fat 2 years ago & got slim by only dieting. I don't do exercise ever . My question is as under-

1. Is that a side effect of doing it before toilet ?
2. What to follow to cure from this disease ?
3 .Is that effect of less protein (dieting) ?
4. Give me a proper schedule/timing of masturbation .

I seek your answer quickly.  Please help from helpless situation

ANSWER: Unbearable pain in your testicles could be torsion, a medical emergency.  Get checked at an emergency room.  

If you don't masturbate for 3-4 days and then feel pain, it might be that not ejaculating often enough is putting pressure on your prostate gland.  So masturbate daily then.  It's normal, healthy, and fun.  It will not affect your diet or exercise.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your kind help. I've been noticing another problem since a couple of months. Day by day my erection power is decreasing.  At first I thought it was the effect of daily masturbation but now-a-days if I masturbate 3/4 days later my erection power doesn't stay strong. At about 4 months ago everything was alright but recent days are not going well for me for this sexsual problem . I'm virgin yet . So my questions are as under-

1. What's going wrong with my penis ?
2. How can I get back my natural erection power ?
3. Do I need any special medical treatment ?
4. What kind of Exercise & fooding should I need to follow ?

I don't think there's anything wrong with you.  Your erection won't change from day to day.  It will pretty much be the same.  Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and virgin males your age do it at least once a day.  Just enjoy it and don't worry.


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