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I started masturbating at a very early age. Doing so, I found a method that I like best. From then on I continued using this method (putting a certain amount of pressure on my clit and grinding onto my hand) to achieve an orgasm. As I grew older, I tried experimenting with different positions and methods but I would always resort back to that one method just so I could achieve an orgasm. After having sex for the first time at the age of 18, I didn't feel anything during sex. I felt numb. It's now a year later and I have a new boyfriend who makes me feel pleased during sex. But the problem is I'm still having trouble achieving an orgasm 95% of the time. I feel myself climaxing but I cant get "there". He performs both oral and penetrative sex on me for quite some time (he's very patient and loves pleasuring me) but I feel so bad when he just has to stop because it's not happening. What can I do to achieve an orgasm?

Haley, what age were you when you first started using that method to masturbate.  You said you were very young.  Was it before you reached puberty?  

You described sex with your bf but have you tried masturbating recently?  Please expain in a little more detail how you were masturbating to have an orgasm.  Do you do it lying on your tummy with your hand on your vulva?   You said grinding onto your hand.  So did you simply hold your hand still and move your hips to push your clit against your hand and fingers?  Just elaborate.


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I masturbate and I continully improve the quality of pleasure. It helps me and it helps me help you! I can answer a variety of questions about masturbation. When an individual is beginning to masturbate(especially females), there can be so many questions and some just need a few tips to get started. I also address special interest topics such as 'how can I make it feel better when I masturbate?', body movement and sounds that happen during masturbation, prolonged masturbation, extending the plateau phase, multiple orgasm, and improving intensity of orgasm. Dont be apprehensive about asking what you need to know. Recent statistics show that 75% of women and almost 100% of men masturbate by their 18th birthday. Masturbating is a normal part of growing and the experiences can be stimulating , refreshing, and satisfying for both males and females. You will find a link below to a video that explains and illustrates female masturbation. It is tastefully done and each action and feeling is explained in detail. Since it is illustrated, of course there is nudity. It is, however, presented in a professional manner and the demonstration is actual masturbation, not poronographic exaggerations or profanity. I am pleased with the presentation and hope you will view it if you choose to learn more, and if you are not offended by the nude female body.


I masturbate regularly and I have learned, as you may know, it is far more pleasurable to masturbate with someone else and share the pleasure of new techniques as well as the ecstasy of intense orgasm and sexual release! 10+ years teaching individuals and answering questions specific to anatomy, masturbation and orgasm. Please be as clear and detailed as you can with your question.

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