Hello, I'm 20 years old girl..I really don't know that the thing I'm asking here is about what that it is about masturbation or something else I don't know..but I guess its related to masturbation..I'm so worried about this.I get orgasm just closing my legs tight:-/ no matter I'm sleeping or sitting I can do this anywhere infact I did this in my classroom also so many times.but mostly whenever I sleep on my stomach I feel like I should tight my legs now so that I will reach to what my body wants!!I really dont want to do this but whenever I sleep on my stomach it becomes uncontrollable!! While doing this I feel good but everytime after doing this I use to regret!!my stomach also starts to pain when I end this..and It use to become harder then the normal..I'm doing this since I was 11-12 years old...means whenever I squeeze my legs it leads to orgasm..I'm vergin..very scared that it will affect on my virginity or what???so much tensed about this..want to stop this. once I promised to God also that I won't do it again..but I admit its become very hard for me to stop this.please help I want to stop this all.m I a nature's freak or what???? Really worried about my virginity:'(

Be glad you can reach orgasm so easily.  Masturbating does not make you lose your virginity.  The only way you can lose your virginity is to have sex with a partner.  God never asked you to stop doing that, so you aren't breaking any promise.  Most females masturbate with their hands, so you should learn to do that too.  


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