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    My name is Zack and I am 13 years-old. I have a bit of a problem. When I am laying in bed and I get aroused/horny and I get an erection, I start to rub my penis, but it doesn't feel good. It feels as normal as touching my arm or leg, etc. I really want to have an orgasm, all my friends say they have an  it feels amazing. I get an erection and I attampt an orgasm but fail. I sometimes watch pornography, but it just makes me more aroused. I have waited periods of time up to a month in-between masturbation sessions, but still nothing. I understand that you can have orgasms even when you cant ejaculate/you havent gone through puberty, but still masturbation doesnt even feel good. I have masturbated for more than 5 minutes at a time but again, nothing. Please help me!!!

The key is to put your mind into a place where it is very aroused.  You have found out how to arouse your penis but not your mind.  Work on your mind.  When your mind is aroused, masturbation will be very easy.  Figure out what turns you on the most and think about that.  It will not necessarily be something obvious.  Instead of watching porn, think about a girl that you find very appealing.  Go from there.

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