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I believe this is the most frequent question that everyone is struggling with. I have been surfing to figure out the correct answer and Your page caught my glace because of your expertise and feedback. I am 25 now. I have been masturbating for the last almost 10 years 2-3 times a day. Every time I did felt it as if I sinned and I didn't know even if I actually did. My question is when I do it now I see that my semen looks less whitish and the quantity is much lesser than before. Apart from this complication everything is good like my erection is stiff enough and incest desire is beyond eager. But I sincerely admit to you sir, I am going to get married this year and I am afraid whether this has a considerable impact on my wife conception.
I even don't know if we have kids normally.
 I read so many times this problem or a kind of that.
So, I kindly request you sir to make me ,rather so many, clear on this and I like to know what you suppose me to do now for a better future without grief.
Please get back to me as immediate as you got this and Your valuable words would be appreciated, sir.
Thank you.

Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  Most men your age who are not sexually active practice it daily.  But 2-3 times a day is an extreme frequency.  I think you would enjoy it more and your semen would look better if you only masturbated once a day.  


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