QUESTION: This is not a question but more of a comment. I emailed you several times back in September about lubrication options and you advised me to use Wet Platinum and I greatly thank you for turning me on to it. I have had some of the best, leg shaking orgasms. Thank you so much.

ANSWER: Glad I could be of help.  Enjoy your newfound sexual aids.  Did I recommend a particular brand?  Usually I just point out the different kinds of lube and leave it to the individual to find one or more brands that they like.  To learn more about lube, see

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QUESTION: You recommended Wet Platinum because I pointed out that tend to last longer during a jack off session and I must say again., IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

ANSWER: Yes, that is typical for silicone-based lubes.

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QUESTION: What's typical?

It is typical for silicone-based lubes to last longer than water-based lubes.  A water-based lube will need to be replenished in as little as 5-10 minutes.  Silicone-based lubes can easily last twice as long, although most men say they feel less natural than a water-based lube.  That is why I urge you to sample a variety of them and see what you like.


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