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Masturbation/Ejaculating too soon


Over the past few weeks I've been masturbating at my normal frequency which is once every two sometimes three days but I noticed lately that I've been ejaculating too soon causing the masturbation session to last one minute sometimes even less and I'm aware by now that masturbation sessions are supposed to last usually five to ten minutes. I'm wondering what are the possible causes that would make masturbation sessions so much shorter than the usual amount of time? Could it be prone masturbation, or some kind of changes in the body that maybe I don't know about?

Masturbating sessions don't have to last 5 to 10 minutes, but most males prefer that they do.  Most males would prefer to enjoy masturbating for more than just a minute or so.

Prone masturbation, lying face down and thrusting the penis into or against something, is a dangerous practice that should be stopped.  See for more information.  But usually prone masturbation makes it take longer, not less time.

If it's something that's only happened lately, then you might not have a problem at all.  Perhaps by this time next week you'll be back to your usual duration.


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