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I read the previous question and answer(1/30/2014)where that footballer guy said he was worried that masturbation would prevent muscles from developing and, quite honestly, his worries about masturbation interfering with his muscle development and interfering with him playing football made me a little horny because sometimes the idea of putting football and masturbation together turns me on and, I'm not 100 percent sure about this, but sometimes I get the feeling that guys who play football enjoy masturbation more than guys who don't play football and maybe even masturbate more than guys who don't play football, but like I said, it's just a feeling on my part. Having said all of this, is it true that guys who play football enjoy masturbating more than guys who don't play football? And, do football players masturbate more times than guy who don't play football? If so, why?

If I remember correctly all the way back to Wednesday, he was writing about European football (soccer).  I have the impression you're referring to American football.

I think that people who engage in sports both masturbate and have sex more often than people who don't play sports.  It's very likely that engaging in it more often means they enjoy it more often.  

Capacity and ability to play sports for males is related to testosterone level, and we know that males with higher testosterone masturbate and have sex more often.  So it is very likely that males you see playing sports have more ejaculations in a week than males who are not involved in sports at all, and I tend to doubt that the type of sport makes much difference.


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