Hi respected sir.. I'm 31 years old I'm masturebate since 19 yr old...I lost all my sex life my pennies not get hard at all I used to masturebate 2 to 4 everyday .. Since last 2 months I left completely know if I touch my pennies then also it's not getting hard.. I have search almost every side of internet some of them said masturebate is normal but it's wrong.. And since 1 month I'm taking shudh shalajit and nf cure capsules buy from internet but it's not working can't see any difference please can help me I have seen ur few answer I'm very surprise please help reply me ASAP n please me some really good diet advice and medicine which I can buy in london many many thanks

Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health. Most men your age who aren't sexually active masturbate about once a day.  It is fun and good exercise.  I don't recommend herbal potions.  If you really have a problem with your penis, you should see a western doctor.  Most likely you should resume masturbating and plan to do it once a day and enjoy it.


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