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I've read many times that Christians say that it's wrong and sinful to masturbate, but I know by now that it's extremely difficult and maybe impossible for a person to stop masturbating. I also know one of the main reasons Christians will say that masturbation is wrong is because they, probably not all Christians, think, and I quote, "Lust in your heart is the same as committing adultery" or something like that but I, of course, disagree with that statement because masturbation and having fantasies about another person go together and if people didn't have sexual fantasies about another person then masturbation probably wouldn't be anywhere near as enjoyable as it should be. The questions I have are; 1)Is it hypocritical for Christians to refer to masturbation as sinful and wrong? 2)Is it very likely that those who say masturbation is sinful actually masturbate themselves? 3)Since mastubation and fantasy tend to be a difficult topic for Christians, how do they reconcile the two?

I suggest you start by reading this page about Christians & masturbating, composed of quotes from theologians:

I don't think Christians are hypocritical if they don't agree with me about masturbating.  All adult men masturbate or have masturbated, so if they say it is sinful, then they are saying that they are sinners.  But they believe all are sinners anyway since no one is without sin.  Most Christians believe that masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  In most Christian churches and households, masturbation is never mentioned.


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