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Hi I've started my period, I'm 13 and masturbate every day but my mate hasn't started her periods yet and is wondering whether it is still safe to start masturbating ?? Also I'm scared to tell my mum about me masturbating so can't use any lube or toys so get a bit bored of just using my fingers and body lotion as lube! What do I do?? Hopefully you won't just say don't be scared she went through the same just tell her! I don't want to here that I want a different option please ! Thanks

Masturbating will not affect a girl's period.  It's OK to masturbate before, during, or after menstruation.  There is no reason to tell your mom that you masturbate.  It's better if you don't use toys at your age.  You can get lube for as little as $1.  I suspect you are in Britain, but in the U.S., a brand called Warm Touch is available at Dollar Tree for $1 and Lubri-Gel is available at Walmart even cheaper.  There must be something comparable in Britain.  You can learn more here:


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