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Hello steven

I read some of the past questions and I've had one for a very long time. I am 19years old and female. Im starting my sophomore year in college 2 of my roommates are 21 and the other is younger she just turned 18. they are all sexually active or have been in the past. I on the other hand am not, an for some reason have no desire to have sex. my roommates tell me how great it is and that I should do it. is it normal for me not to be interested in sex?? would me not being in a relationship be a cause of that also?? im just curious because I honestly fee like I may never really have that desire.

I am not Steven but I will answer anyway.

Most women your age are or are starting to be sexually active.  If you have no desire to, then it will not hurt you to wait longer.  I would advise against having sex just for the sake of it.  I would suggest instead getting in a relationship and seeing where it goes.  Could you ask your roommates to introduce you to a male that you would want to go out with?  I think that is the place to start.


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