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Masturbation/Do I have erectile dysfunction?


I am 20 year old 6'1ft person. I use to mastrubate  2-3 tyms a day. Now at I found tat my thing is not getting activated as before at morning. Do I hav any problem?

ANSWER: It's Dr. Adams.  It is normal at your age for your morning erections to decrease.  That is natural and does not mean you have erectile dysfunction.  The real question is, can you get erect to masturbate as readily as you used to.  Can you get erect for intercourse as readily as you used to (although you did not mention ever having intercourse).  If not, then you might have ED.  More than likely you don't have a problem with your erections.  To learn more, see

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QUESTION: Oops so sorry Dr.Adams ,
Ya I am having tat erection before till I had my last s.x intercourse. So Dr yu r tellin its normal for my age?
And I hav any problems ryt??

Probably not.  It is probably just a decline in morning erections that happens when you get out of adolescence.  If you are able to erect OK for intercourse and masturbation, then you are fine.  It's when men can't get it up when they want to that we say they have erectile dysfunction.


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