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On the night of 9/8/2014 I was masturbating to a picture of this actor named Freddie Highmore and literally making love to my blue shiny acrylic plastic wastebucket because I was using it as a sexual fetish object(still masturbated in the prone position, I'm unable and unwilling to masturbate using my hand). This particular masturbation session got intense enough that I must have lasted for almost 15 minutes which is unusual for me and because it was a strong masturbation session I said something silently to myself, I kept saying, at least a few times, "The Duke Blue Devils" while masturbating and fantasizing about having gay sex w/ Freddie Highmore and still using my desired fetish object. I know that "The Duke Blue Devils" is the name of a basketball team at Duke University, but it makes no sense to me whatsoever why I kept saying that team's name because my fantasizing about gay sex w/ Freddie Highmore and thinking of that team name have absolutely nothing to do w/ each other. So my question is; Is it a common phenomena for someone to say something really odd to themselves if a masturbation session gets powerful enough even if the two subjects have nothing to do w/ each other? If so, why is this?

I don't think that is all common.  Most people who vocalize during masturbation or intercourse say words related to their fantasy, or they utter ordinary four-letter words.  There is nothing wrong with what you did, of course.

I urge you again to give up prone masturbation, a cause of sexual dysfunctions in males.  Please see http;// for more information.

And how is it that you remember the exact date of this masturbation session, almost four months later?


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