Hi I'm 12 and I've been reading a lot of these articles and I have some questions: can I make a sex toy. I've tried but it's just complete failure
2.ive just started masturbating and heard about the g-spot , how do I get to it
3.when I m doing so I feel dry , ( this is weird) but I try to use my own saliva since I don't have any water nearby, is it a problem ?

You are being pretty advanced for 12.  I suggest you use only your own hands and enjoy the feelings you can have when you touch.  You shouldn't need a sex toy at your age, and a homemade one can be dangerous for you in ways a manufactured one isn't.  Sex toys are mostly used for internal masturbation.  The G spot is also part of internal masturbation.  And needing lube is most closely associated with internal masturbation.

The thing is, most females don't start masturbating internally until they've been masturbating externally by hand for years.  As a beginner, you really ought to give external (clitoral) masturbation more of a try.  You can learn more at


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