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Masturbation/will my horniness ever stop


QUESTION: why Do I all ways get aroused at my age at 46.i have to master bate every Day. why is it so hard to find sex. I have not had sex in10 years. when I master bate. I want to be with a porn ok to master bate to. when I get Done master bate I feel Good and relived then it starts the next Day. is that common.

ANSWER: Arousal is good. Masturbation is good.  Daily masturbation and arousal are good.  They are signs that your body is sexually healthy.  If you want to be with a woman, then go out and meet women, get to know them, ask them out, and then become sexual.  Most men your age use visual aids to help them masturbate.  Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  You should not only do it but enjoy it too.  To learn more, see

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QUESTION: hello Dough when I master bate. it feels Good. it makes me horny. every morning I Go through horny nes Does it have something Do with not having sex in a long time. can the horynes be control able. I have talked to women just not interested  in me. I have talked to my Doctor. he said I was the first one that mentioned it to the Doctor.

It is good to be aroused.  I said that already.  The doctor, if he has an opinion, wants you to enjoy being aroused also.  If you want to be sexual with women, then go out and meet women and maybe have sex with them.  I said that already too.  I don't know why you want to control your feeling of arousal.  Just enjoy it and masturbate or have sex as often as you like.  Certainly once a day is not excessive.


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