What is most common for guys when it comes to getting rid of their ejaculate? A tissue or something? I don't suppose one can really throw out a tissue with cum in it because then the whole garbage will start to smell? What is the typical protocol and what can be done to eliminate odor?

There are many ways that men deal with their ejaculate, but the most common and probably easiest is to ejaculate directly into the toilet, sink, or anything that can wash it away easily. There are some more methods of cleaning up the ejaculate that are fairly common for boys and men, but they often change with their specific situations.

One of the more common methods is to masturbate using a sock or other porous material like a towel. This can not only provide a different sensation then the hand but the material itself will soak up the ejaculate and not make too much of a mess. This method is very common among younger boys who would not like their parents or others living in the house to find any evidence. The main reason being is a towel or sock balled up in the corner of the room doesn't look as suspicious as a ton of tissues in the trash can when they are not sick. Also since there is very little smell to the ejaculate and if they wrap the ejaculate in the towel or sock there is really not much in the way of odor, as long as you wash the sock or towel regularly. Some other methods of ejaculating into something and disposing of it include, using tissues and throwing them away, using toilet paper and either flushing it or throwing it away etc. In the case of the tissues and throwing them away there may be a build up of the odor due to the fact that the tissues do not do much to absorb the fluid therefore it is left in the open air. This can lead to the odor that you were concerned about, but this can easily be masked by a candle or air freshener or by simply flushing the tissue paper and thus eliminating any build up of ejaculate.

There is another common way that men take care of their ejaculate and that is to ejaculate on themselves and either eat their ejaculate or wash themselves afterwords. This is a much less popular method as many boys and men do not like the idea of their ejaculate getting all over them or eating it. However, some men find the thought of ejaculating on themselves a turn on and some even find eating their own ejaculate as a turn on as well. This method is probably the worst one if you want to "get rid" of the ejaculate as it is often messy and can leave the smell of ejaculate on the body for a long period of time.

No matter how you take care of getting rid of your ejaculate just be sure to remember that it is still a bodily fluid and can spread diseases. Now this is not usually a big issue since most men try and get rid of their ejaculate without anyone else finding out. However, it is still something to be cautious about especially if you choose to ejaculate into the toilet. If you choose to use the toilet and some of your ejaculate gets on the seat this has a slight possibility of coming in contact with someone else and again since it is a bodily fluid it can transmit diseases. Plus lets be honest no one wants to have someone else ejaculate get on them period.  


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