QUESTION: hi. iam a teenager of 18. my height is 6ft. and weight is 60 kgs. i know i am underweight and thats why i am afraid of masturbating bcoz i think it will make me even more weak and skinny. but still i masturbate a lot, nearly 4 times a weak and also now my penis has started leaking whenever i see a sexy girl. when i masturbate in the morning and then when i return home after playing football in the evening, sometimes i feel weak and drouzy. are all these signs of over masturbation? should i quit masturbating? if yes then how? plz help, iam in a great confusion

ANSWER: Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  It is good for you.  It will not make you underweight.  It hardly burns any calories compared to all the activity you do every day.  Playing football obviously burns more calories than penis play four times a week.  You ought to continue to masturbate and enjoy it.  Most males your age masturbate more often than you do.

See here to learn more about the health benefits of frequent masturbation:

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QUESTION: but why then i feel weak only on the days i masturbate? when i dont masturbate in the morning, i dont feel weak in the evening after playing football.

Why don't you try masturbating at bedtime and see if it makes any difference?  Have you considered talking to some of the guys that you play football with how they feel about this?  Are any of them sexually active?  Having intercourse burns many more calories than masturbating.


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