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hello, thank you for taking your time to answer my question. i have had some doubts about some things and i decided to ask an expert. so me and my friends talk about sex a lot, and during conversation, we came into the subject of "getting wet." my friend says she gets really wet and i thought about it and i don't get that wet. is there a lack of something in my body? because i find i don't really get that wet, even when i masturbate.
i have a vibrator that i use to masturbate but i actually stopped using it because i felt that it would decrease my sensitivity from my clit. i haven't used it in about 3 months. can i regain more sensitivity on my clit? i feel that in order to masturbate i have to rub my clit really hard against the carpet, while other people just use their hands. I'm a little concerned about this.
are there any other ways for a female to masturbate, any other creative ways maybe? i am 22 years old, if that helps. i just feel like i might also have to rely on lube but i feel like I'm too young to use lube. anyways, thanks again for you help, and i hope to hear from you soon!

Not all women get noticeably wet.  You didn't mention anything about having intercourse in your message (I'm thinking you're inexperienced at intercourse), but if you can have intercourse without feeling tremendous pain, then you're getting wet enough.

You are not too young to use lube.  Some lubes are made especially for dealing with the lack of vaginal wetness.  If it helps, then go for it.  

Rubbing against the carpet is prone masturbation, a definite cause of sexual problems in males and a suspected one in females.  To learn more about prone masturbation, the problems it causes males, and how males and females can overcome it, see

Masturbating with less force will help you better function sexually.  Try to discover the power of gentle sexual touch.

I also think using lube will help you use a more gentle touch and enjoy yourself more, in addition to helping with your wetness issues.


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