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I'm uncircumcised and have been masturbation with my shaft covering the head. I do this daily without using any lube. I'm starting to notice my head being red with flat red rash spots. Also, the tip of my skin on my penis has been sensitive lately. Is this practice of masturbating bad? Is this why I have developed a rash symptom on my penis head? It's been two days and it hasn't healed. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated it. Thank you

Masturbating is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  It is good for you.  You really don't need to worry so much over a rash that has happened in two days.  Keep your penis clean (wash with soap) and see if the rash goes away.  If not, it could be a sexually transmitted disease that is unrelated to masturbating.

Your shaft doesn't cover the head (glans), so I suspect you have been masturbating with your foreskin covering your glans.  Although uncircumcised males don't absolutely need to, it would probably be more fun for you if you used lube at least some of the time.  Please see this page for more information about different kinds of lube:  


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