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Masturbation/Obsessed with anal masturbation


Don wrote at 2006-09-15 09:43:41
Wow.  I truly only see a problem in that you have identified something that you enjoy, your girlfriend enjoys providing and you have concerns that it is inappropriate or makes you somewhat gay.  Tastes and sexual trends may change and go through phases, but they do not need to necessarily be looked at that way.  If you enjoy something that is safe and mutually shared with your lover with no complaints - the issue is you feel there is something wrong.  It may in fact be that this feeling of anal stimulation being wrong creates the more intense desire and physical intensity.  My advise is to enjoy the excitment and hope it remains once you've come to terms with identifying something you believed made you gay or otherwise perverted in some way.  As for the possibility of being gay, except for a relatively small biological percentage, men are not homosexual, bi sexual or heterosexual - men are just sexual!

Uranusex wrote at 2008-07-25 21:42:16
I am not obsecessed with anal masturbation, but over time and dealing with an overwhelming sense of guilt and the personal doubt of my heterosexuality, I came to enjoy it.  I have gone from doing every day to occasionally masturbating.  Even though sex with my wife is rather one sided her way, I place masturbation in perspective and I enjoy it more.

I use an 8" x 5.5"(circumference) dildo/vibrator with a suction cup on the end.  This way I can lower myself comfortably onto the device without discomfort.  Of course half the fun is getting it in!  After a few minutes of having it deep inside my rectum, I can turn on the vibrator which is located about half way up the dildo; about prostate level.

At this point I just take all the time I wish and use as much "motion" I need to rip off an orgasm without touching my penis.  On other occasions, I will lubricate my penis and stroke along with the deep thrusts onto the vibrator/dildo.  Either way, I have mind blowing orgasms that last five to ten minutes!

Quaips wrote at 2012-10-29 18:33:10
No need to worry, your story could be mine.  Luckily your girlfriend accepts this so you can have fun.

I can orgasm fully through anal stimulation alone and the orgasm is vivid.  What I find is that having an anal dildo up my bottom while having intercourse is a good move.  She can work the dildo up my bum while we perform. I actually used to stimulate my anus before I discovered masturbation so I was bum orientated from the beginning.

Like you, I am not attracted to men and I am hetrosexual.  I simply like my bum and female bums.

I think you are lucky in being gifted with anal pleasure so keep going.  I actually like sitting down with something up my bum.  Just a small object about the size of a cigarette.


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