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find the sum or difference. I don't know how to do this example 2.3+0.58= problems like that can you explain to me how to solve these types of problems? thank you look forward to your response.

Hi Alan,

I am guessing that it's the decimal numbers that are making the addition seem complex. So, I would recommend the following:
1. Write the two decimal numbers in the same format. That is, each should have the same number of digits before and after the decimal point. You can do by using the digit '0'. By placing a zero before a number you do not change the value.
For example: 25.2 is the same as 025.2 or 0025.2 or 00025.2
Similarly, by placing a zero after your decimals, you do not change the value.
For example: 25.2 is the same as 25.20 or 25.200 or 25.2000
2. Once the two decimal numbers are in the same format, you could add them using your typical addition rules (add units, tens, hundred, thousands etc).

So in your example,
to add 2.3 and 0.58
1. change the numbers to same format. that is
2.30 and 0.58
2. Now you can add the units (8 + 0), the tens ( 3 + 5), and the hundreds (2 + 0)
and your answer is 2.88

I hope this helps.


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