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Hello sir

Sir i am not able to understand, that what are natural and whole.
They both are confusing me. Natural numbers means all counting numbers are called natural numbers. whole numbers are all counting numbers included 0 are called whole numbers. Then counting numbers are only different and counting numbers included 0 are different. I am not understanding please help me to understand.


Hello, Apsara.

I'm not certain what your statement of "Then counting numbers are only different and counting numbers including 0 are different" means. Could you rephrase?

The natural numbers are indeed referred to as counting numbers. You can have 1 banana, or 6 shoes, or 25 bicycles. The natural numbers generally start at 1, but some mathematicians consider 0 to also be included.

The whole numbers, as you've stated, are the counting numbers, including 0. Neither whole numbers or natural numbers are negatives, fractions, decimals, etc. (1/4, -6, .24, etc., are not natural or whole numbers.)

I hope this helps. Any further questions, please ask.


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