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Hello sir

Sir numberals are symbols which are used to represent symbols
And numerals cannot be symbols but in case of arithmatic numerals , numbers 0to 9are called arithmatic numerals ,but here arithmatic numerals are it self numbers

My second question, 0to 9 ate itself numbers then how they can be the symbols for reprenting numbers

My humble pronouns to you that please stay online tommorow at what time u like please I want to clear many maths concepts but what happens I will post my question u will answer in 24hra till I get the response I should discontinue my studies please try to underatand tommoroe only 1day please

Hello, Aishwarya.

In math, a "number" is an abstract concept used to denote an amount. For example, "9" onions means that there exist an amount of 9 separate onions.

Numbers don't really exist, not in a physical sense. There is no number 6, for example, in the real world.

A numeral is a representation of a number. We probably see numerals every day of our lives. You can represent 10, for example, in many different ways using numerals. One way is simply writing "10," but in Roman Numerals, it's X.

In Base 2, ten is represented by the numeral 1010. And so on.

I can try to be online most evenings around 8 PM, EST. I can't guarantee this, though, as I'm currently a college student.


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