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Mazda Repair/shifting gears


Eldred wrote at 2015-05-14 12:49:53
I'm having the same problem, At first it was fine then the OD OFF light started to flash and dropped out of high gear, the fluid smelled burned, I ordered a rebuild kit put it all together and she works fine except I still have the OD OFF light flashing with no overdrive, sounds like similar problem? I need help,,,

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joshua thorndyke


i'm very helpful with the mazda 626/MX6 and also the ford probe i myself own a 1993 626 and have done alot of work to it. such as a motor,tranny removal/install. timing belt replacement, suspention, exhaust, whell bearing, interior and exterior panel removal/replacement, alternators, starters, distrubutors,and much more


i've been an active automotive hobbiest for about 10 years know, i have also completed 2 semesters of automotive repair, and have 2 years of automotive shop experience. if for any reason i'm unable to help you with a question i'll take it apon myself to do the best i can to help you find the answer.

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