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Mechanical Engineering/Can you use an ISO metric M10x1 threaded bolt with an ISO metric M10x1 tap?


Dear Sir,

First of all, thank you for reading this.

I have been using CATIA for quite a while but haven't touch thread and tap part much.

Right now i am really confused. Can you please confirm my understanding?

What i believe is correct so far is that if in CATIA (and in real life, in general) you have a thread and a tap that has the same thread diameter and pitch, then they will fit together. Is this correct?

If this is true, then if i have a tap with 12mm thread diameter with 1mm pitch, a 12mm thread diameter with 1mm pitch bolt will fit into it?

Then this means the same designation thread and tap fit together? For example, M10x1 thread can be used with a M10x1 tap?

Thank you for sharing your CATIA and engineering expertise knowledge!

Hi There

Your question has nothing to do with CATIA per-say, the tap makes the thread, the M10x1 tap will make M10x1 thread if the drilled hole is correct, go to:
for correct drill sizes.

good luck

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