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Dear Michael

Concentric objects share the same center, axis or origin. Circles, tubes, cylindrical shafts, disks, and spheres may be concentric to one another.

Is it possible to construct or manufacture Concentric Giant Wheels ?


Pros : More Sitting Capacity for Riders on the Concentric Giant Wheel as riders can also sit on the chairs of the inner circles of the Concentric Giant Wheel.

Cons : Engineering Challenges for Construction, Additional Cost.

Can there can be complexities for constructing a Concentric Giant Wheel ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

It would be possible to construct such a machine... It's complexities depend on the scope of the project though.  If you have all of the wheels tied together with one rotation speed, the outside would be moving slowly and the inside would be spinning very quickly.  If you were wanting to rotate them at different speeds you would be looking at serious mechanical issues.  I am not sure how exactly to go further with the information provided.  Is the purpose of this to build a 'ferris wheel' that has more than one 'level' of riders?

Let me know. Thanks!

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