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Hi. I'm not sure if this is your area of expertise or not. I have an insulated sheet metal box 24"X24"X 14"high. It is on wheels with handle (like a lawn mower). The wheels keep the box 3/4" above the ground surface level. The box is 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit. We want to be able to raise and lower the heat source/coil inside while the 3/4" clearance is maintained.Is there a way to raise and lower the shelf inside the box using a threaded rod or motor? What might the shelf be attached to in order for it to be able to raise and lower smoothly and evenly, and also take the exteme heat?

Thank you for your time.


Hi Rob

How often you have to do this adjustments, what determines the amount of the adjustments, another word how much you like to be able to move, another word, would it work if you move it in steps or you need to be able to move it in different increments? how much room you have?


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