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Hello Mr Shahbazian,

I am looking to hire a mechanical engineer for a project I am working on and I was wondering if there were any websites that you would recommend advertising on?
I need an engineer to design the housing for a control panel for a consumer electronic product. The control panel is very simple, but I am thinking that designing it does require some knowledge of  electrical engineering. I am wondering how familiar most mechanical engineers are with building products with simple electric circuitry ie pressing a button to turn the device on/off. Can I assume that a mechanical engineer will be able to handle something like this, or do I need to specify something in the job ad? (I don't want to seem ignorant right off the bat!)

Thanks in advance for reading my question!
Best regards,

Hi Eddie
Try / /, and explain in there whatever you want the candidate to be familiar with, there are different talent and interest out there, so your job description may make no seance for some and may be a perfect match for some.

Good Luck

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