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Hello. My question is in regards to an older specification. ANSI Y14.5M-1982. The question is about the symbol diameter. We make machined tubes. We have a request that states that the diameter symbol per this specification implies that our tubes must be a perfect circle from end to end. We feel that this is cylindricity which the ANSI Y14.5M-1982 has a symbol for and not diameter. Any thoughts on this.



Send me the section of the drawing you have question about, but also remember cylindrical tolerance can be controlled by other ways, for example: surface profile tolerance can do the same job if it is used correctly, why I say correctly because length of the cylinder will become an important factor when surface profile is applied Vs. for example angularity and the squareness of the cylinder. let me know
Sometimes engineers don't know what type of tolerance to use to not have tolerance stack-up therefore a non-working assembly.     

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