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Backpressure wrote at 2014-05-05 20:39:25
Back pressure is the same as absolute pressure. 3" water column of backpressure is the same as 1.5 psia, where atmospheric pressure is 30" wc and 15 psia. People sometimes say "backpressure" instead of just "pressure" because they don't want people to think the pressure is added on top of atmospheric pressure. Backpressure is the pressure added on top of a perfect vacuum.  

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I have 20 years experience working for electric power generators all over the US, as well as the world. I have taught courses in power plant performance testing, I have written subroutines for the PEPSE software (the Cadillac of the power plant modeling software). I have experience with fluidized bed combustion. I have experience with a variety of projects designing equipment, modifying processes, evaluating equipment life using NDT techniques.

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