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Im not sure if your the right person for this question but if so thanks.  Ive just learned my Doctor has lost my medical records in a move they made to a difrent building.  Im in college now and am trying to study abroad and as such i need access to immunization records but no records are available.  My High school had some but was missing at least one my record of Hepatitis A and B. I know I got the shots but I can't prove it and my doctor seems content with  just saying oh well looks like your going to need to pay for all the shots again. Now i cant find any records on my own at home and I paid to get archived records taken out but those seem to just be medical charts.  My question I guess is this acceptable medical practice is this common or normal? Can I appeal to some medical better business beru or make some type of claim. I'm not looking to to file suit I just feel like I'm being extorted to pay for things, and the fact that they lost all my records seems very unprof!

It is NOT acceptable medical practice to lose records of any type, even immunizations. There is no excuse for them losing any records. I can tell you that much, however, I am not a legal authority and cannot advise you on what to do. It seems it would be costly to hire an attorney. Perhaps you could contact one of the attorneys who advertise that they will see you free of charge just to see if they can help you. And, you can make a complaint to the Medical Society in the county or city in which you live. This seems a valid complaint to me. As a nurse, I know it may happen, but is NOT ACCEPTED MEDICAL PRACTICE to lose records. Consider asking an attorney. It is reasonable that you don't want to repeat the shots or the cost. By the way, you didn't keep a card or paper stating you had these shots? Sometimes patients are given cards.  

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I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY; I am a nurse. If anyone seeks a NURSE'S VIEW with an "old school" approach to patient care, I will go to great lengths to assist them. I was trained that mistakes can be avoided by a cautious approach to patient care. To prevent any errors the patient must come first. I CANNOT provide legal advice, but if I cannot guide a client in the right direction I will search out an answer for them. I have a strong background in pharmacology along with a working knowledge of hospitals,namely medical surgical units, including cardiac units; also outpatient internal medicine clinics; I have maintained excellent working relationships with physicians, and this can prevent many simple errors. I have some limited experience in Nursing Homes and rehab units where, unfortunately, many medical and healthcare errors occur due to under-staffing. I own many reference books which are up-to-date on procedures, treatments and pharmaceuticals (drugs). NOTE: I do not possess any operating room experience.


As a nurse, I bring a strong background in pharmacology along with a working knowledge of hospitals, medical surgical units, including telemetry and cardiac units; some limited experience in Nursing Facilities. I possess an "old school" approach to patient care, in that mistakes are avoided by careful planning, and putting your patient first. I own many reference books which are up-to-date on procedures, treatments and pharmaceuticals (drugs).

Nursing school with diploma; Dean's List in college. 20-plus years nursing in general hospitals, med/surgical, cardiology; also nursing facilities, home health and rehabilitation centers. Additional continuing ed courses in Pharmacology. In recent years employed by psychologists to assist in preparation of Psychological Profiles for Social Security Disability Determination.

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Dean's List in college. Haven taken many continuing education classes specializing in cardiac and respiratory care as well as pharmacology.

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