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Medical Errors/Effects of Eilesy Medicine Abused


My wife is currently undergoing treatment at CMC Vellore for intestinal TB and IBD.

However before going to Vellore, she was prescribed in Kolkata a lot of unnecessary and irrational drugs, totally unrelated to her disease.

Two of them were Ethosuximide 500 mg and Clonazapem.

According to CMC doctors as well as some neuro-specialists in UK and USA whom I have contacted, these drugs (which she continued for 6 years before visiting CMC) are for epilepsy. Since my wife had no trace of epilepsy, these have caused some permanent, irreversible damage to central / autonomic nervous system.

But they do not say to what extent the damage has been caused, or what could be the effect of such damage in future life of the patient.

The TB is cured, so are the gastointestinal symptoms.

She has now largely tension, sleep disturbance, lethargy, etc.

Could you guide us on this matter?


I wanted to let you know that I've given your question a great deal of fault, and some research and as a nurse and from a nurses standpoint, there's not a whole lot that I can really say that a physician can't say better. If your wife did not have any kind of epileptic or seizure activity and was given that drug, have you asked the doctor as to why she was prescribed that drug? I would be interested in finding out why she was given that medication to begin with. In any case I don't know what you have been advised by anyone else, but it seems to me that you should contact a an attorney because your wife had no reason to be given those medications, apparently and she is having a lot of sequelae from them -A lot of side effects. That is just my opinion. A good attorney will see you for free for a primary consultation, and can get her medical records and look into why she was given a medication that his caused her multiple side effects as well as long lasting side effects. That is what concerns me so much. By the way, most attorneys that work with malpractice have nurses that work for them and do the kind of work that I'm doing. I wish you the very best.

I wanted to thank you very much for the nice ratings. I have saved your question and it will acquire several days of research. I hardly ever turn a patient away even if the question is difficult. I will research it and get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you again for the fine ratings and also for your patience.

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As a nurse, I bring a strong background in pharmacology along with a working knowledge of hospitals, medical surgical units, including telemetry and cardiac units; some limited experience in Nursing Facilities. I possess an "old school" approach to patient care, in that mistakes are avoided by careful planning, and putting your patient first. I own many reference books which are up-to-date on procedures, treatments and pharmaceuticals (drugs).

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