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QUESTION: Hello I recently got an antibiotic and pain medicine shot/injection above my buttock and the area is still hurting when I touch it or sit. This was about 12 days ago. There was really no pain the few days right after. It just recently started around day 8. Do you have any advice on what this can mean and what I can do about it? Thank you so much.

ANSWER: Arnold could you give me the names of the drugs you got by injection? There are several meds that can cause long term pain or irritation in the muscle or tissues. That would help me.  Thanks!

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QUESTION: Hello they are Cefuroxime 750 mg and Diclofenac 75mg. Theses both were combined into one shot. I have heard that there's a nerve in the buttock area so I hope they didn't hit it. It's only the injection site that hurts though and I've heard when they hit a nerve the whole leg starts hurting.

Arnold I found your question in my queue. Maybe I didn't answer it. If so, I'm very sorry. Anyway, cefuroxime is a cephalosporin antibiotic which should only be given mixed with lidocaine as a local anesthetic. It's extremely irritating to the tissues and can cause  long term pain and/or tingling in the fat and muscles when not given as such. It should have NEVER been given with diclofenac in the same syringe. I hope this answers your question and I apologize if you didn't receive it back in April. Take care.  

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As a nurse, I bring a strong background in pharmacology along with a working knowledge of hospitals, medical surgical units, including telemetry and cardiac units; some limited experience in Nursing Facilities. I possess an "old school" approach to patient care, in that mistakes are avoided by careful planning, and putting your patient first. I own many reference books which are up-to-date on procedures, treatments and pharmaceuticals (drugs).

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