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Medical Ethics/Patient's right to communicate with his doctor by fax.


If a patient can never get through to his doctor by phone to speak to him directly about important medical concerns, doesn't he have the right to fax him? One doctor who decided to discharge an elderly, disabled person from his care ( with no good reason) said in his discharge letter of 7/16/13 ( a certified letter that wasn't received until 7/19/13) that he would be available for 30 days for emergency needs. But when the patient, a disabled, bedridden person,  had an urgent letter faxed to his doctor on 08/08/13 about the need to refill an important pain prescription, the doctor deliberately disregarded the letter because it was a fax, and said the prescription would have to be filled by a new provider of the patient's choice, knowing full well that the patient has no new provider at this time. To give you an idea of the seriousness of the patient's severe chronic pain circumstances ( without sharing the patient's name or other private information): degenerative disk disease, diabetic neuropathic pain, postoperative pain due to steel cords in his rib cage following open heart surgery), diagnosed osteoarthritis, diagnosed polymyalgia rheumatica, Parkinsonís Disease, right shoulder enthesopathy ( broken rotator cuff injury incurred from a fall a few years ago), neck pain and immobility observed by a neurologist during an in-person consultation.  Left shoulder and upper arm pain. The doctor has been fully aware of these circumstances, but refused to go beyond his own "comfort level" as far as treating the patient's pain.


A patient does not have a "right" to communicate by fax with the doctor; however, a patient does have an ethical right to have continuity of care with the physician.  I suggest the patient submit a claim with the board of medical examiner that the patient was abandoned by the physician.

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