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angies man wrote at 2008-02-20 15:40:50
ooook hold up.Let me start by saying i am familiar with geeps(gastroschisis)because my soon to be wife has the condition.I am also familiar with "recreational drug use being that I looove marijuana and dabbled int the past.My sister and best friend also had drug problems and 3 kids by 19 so I know how that goes too.

Its very easy to point a finger.And not to make you feel bad but you need to take responsibilty.Its not you obgyn's responsibility to dra you in there and they definetly didnt make you do cocaine which IS NOT A RECREATIONAL DRUG!!! A dink here or there or a  joint when you lay down to watch t.v is one thing but weed,cocaine.alchohol and PROBABLY MORE is not recreational its called a trainwreck(enter britney spears).

Bascially your drug use caused the defect(as my girlfriends biological mother caused in her)but bygones are bygones so start fresh and dont kill yourself with guilt over it.Its a new day that ends with a new night.So just make the rest of its life better by putting it first and yourself and the world second.

As for the doc's well i watched my friend and sister not go running to the doc or maybe avoid some appoitments here or there and one even didnt go till the 8th month!!!So basically if you fely you werent getting the correct treatment you should have looked for another doc or something.YOu cant put your babies life in strangers hands if you get bad vibes from them.

The other persons answers were very good and correct.They could only wait till its born or suck it out in pieces and throw it away with thier leftover lunch.

DOnt sue

use common sense and follow your GUT ALWAYS

god bbless sorry if i sounded like a dick i wasnt trying to


alias wrote at 2009-10-24 00:19:23
AllExperts is seemingly not an objective source of information and hopefully is not marketed as such. My view culminates from the "expert's" answer to the woman seeking it. I do agree she has no strong basis for a lawsuit; just sore feelings of a doctor or a process that failed her trust. We as patients do trust the medical SYSTEM to assess our medical conditions as independent cases. Such care and scrutiny(especially since her drug history was known) would of prevented such an emotional/intense response. I was twenty-four and THREE months pregnant when my son was diagnosed with gastroschisis. I was then referred to a high-risk pregnancy agency whose trained staff told me the facts, prognosis, and statistics of gastroschisis. A file was created and plans were made for my delivery to take place at a specific hospital next to a specific surgery center. A surgeon at the center provided me with a slide show of similar cases and prepared me mentally for what I might see when my son was born. I was scheduled for numerous follow-up visits at the high-risk agency where they kept track of the intestine condition of my son via ultrasound. This information was shared with the other agencies so that care for my son after delivery could be customized. I do not doubt the complications of this woman's baby's first surgery was do to NO planning. What does that have to do with demographics Sir? The trained nurses, doctors, and surgeons all concluded there is no statistically known cause of gastroschisis. Not environmental, not genetical, none. I ask you again, what does her being a single mom(I was not married either), "poor"(disputed), having no health insurance(disputed, I have excellent health insurance too), have anything to do with the un-scrutinized care this woman received? Is our demographics a result of the medical system not caring enough?? You apparently know a narrow amount of information which shows in your bias, non-objective, non-straight forward answer Mr. Expert.

light wrote at 2013-06-13 07:08:27
Whoa I know this is a really old post but seeing this pissed me off. My daughter was just born with Gastroschisis so it struck a nerve. I do however know that at 20 weeks Gastroschisis, unless its very minor, is clearly visible. Considering the fact that your baby needed the surgery redone id say it was at least a medium case. They tell you about the condition so you can mentally, financially and emotionally prepare for your stay in the NICU. Babies with this condition need to be monitored very closely during pregnancy and birth and they never usually let the baby go past 37 weeks.

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