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Medical Malpractice/Mirena and ovarian cancer


Sister of IUD user wrote at 2012-05-28 18:25:51
My sister had a Delcon Shield IUD in the early 1970's, and developed a pelvic infection from it that nearly killed her.  I was 13 at the time,and watched my sister slowly over the next few years gather an understanding of what had happened to her.  At first it was not known that the Delcon shield caused the infection, she found that out as others started telling their similar stories of what they had gone through while using the Delcon Shield. She later was a part of the law suit filed against the makers, and received small settlement checks from time to time, but these checks certainly weren't worth the multitude of health problems she went through. Including infertility, pelvic pain and problems for decades.  Then in her late 40's after years of ill health in the pelvic region she came down the a rare type of cancer in her uterus called Mixed Malarian.  She had treatments for this and survived for 8 more years before the cancer came back, and took her from us two years later in 2009. She was 58 years old.  Our family has had very little cancer, and none in the immediate family or grandparents.  I am certain her cancer in the uterus was linked to her years of ill health in the pelvic region which started with her pelvic infection due to the Delcon Shield.  Maybe you don't know about a connection like this because it just hasn't been talked about enough, or maybe because the ones who died aren't around to tell their story any more. I am honoring my sister(gone three years now)on this Memorial day by telling her story for her.  I think she would agree that a connection between the Delcon Shield and cancer should be considered and studied.

Josie wrote at 2012-12-06 05:22:00

IUD's have been associated with increased risk of ovarian cancer.  

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