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Michele wrote at 2011-02-17 08:37:26
Lindsy, I am having the same problem with Invisalign possibly "killing" my teeth, receding gums,etc.  Would like to connect with you somehow on this board or another--not sure how it works. I have never done this before.

#1cklady wrote at 2012-11-29 13:27:51
I too am having complications from my invisalign and I completely agree with what you have written.  It is Nov 2012 and I am wondering how many others have had similar experiences and if any progress has been made?  I know that the makers of invisalign recieved a letter from the FDA in Nov 2010.  But not sure what has occurred since that time???? Anyone know anything more?

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Thirty-four years experience handling cases involving auto accidents, trips and fall, fires, dog bite,medical malpractice and defective medical product cases with particular emphasis in 2012 and beyond with the DePuy ASR (Johnson&Johnson) defective hip implant cases. Twenty-five years of experience with defective IUD issues as well

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