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Medical Malpractice/Dr Drugged me up with morphine then refused to treat me and made me leave the hospital on foot!


Gina wrote at 2013-05-31 08:19:38
Ok, I can accept that i have no case for a malpractice lawsuit, but you can't tell me that this Doctor was not negligent in his actions. I used to work at this very hospital in the ICU and we transported patients from the ER up to the unit regularly so I interacted with the ER staff on a regular basis and on several occasions would overhear the staff complaining about patients or even their work conditions, schedules and all the other inter office politics and behind the scenes drama so the staff isn't as innocent as or helpful as you think they are just so you get an idea of what REALLY goes on in a hospital.

"They gave you an unusually large amount of narcotic because you said you needed it."

Really? Wow, so just because i "say" i "need" it, the Doctor is just going to freely administer all the narcotics i want? what if I were a drug addict? I don't think Doctor's just give patients unusually large quantities or dosages of narcotics just because they say they need it, that's ludicrous!  

"If the morphine was insufficient, I suppose the next stop would have been a general anesthetic to put you to sleep for the procedure"  

Uh.... NO, you skipped the next logical step, A TOPICAL ANALGESIC! or an injectable one! it's not an unreasonable request ya know.

"I suppose the next step would have been a general anesthetic to put you to sleep for the procedure... but to do a full blown operation in an operating room you would need to be admitted to the hospital.  And, I suspect if that is what they had offered you, you would have declined."

So you think I'd rather be awake to feel it all? If i didn't want to feel the Doctor cutting into my skin, WHY on earth would I decline an opportunity to be "put to sleep" (as you put it, as if it were euthanasia)

"You decided to leave the hospital AMA."

No... i did not. They refused to treat me and asked me to leave, TOLD me to leave rather, and escorted me out. There's a difference.

"Yes, it would have been nice if they let you sit down somewhere, called your roomate, and made sure you were getting home safely but something tells me that you just stormed out on your own."

Again, i did NOT do such a thing! Actually, i refused to leave! They ended up escorting me out. Would have been nice? Uh... NO, it's their JOB and their DUTY to see to it that a patient given any narcotics have transportation. They will not allow them to leave the hospital if they don't! But they did me and that is not legal!

"You even turned down the assistance of the good Samaritan motorist and the people in the store as well."

Excuse me, I am a female who passed out behind a building in an alley and a MAN stopped in his car to ask me if I needed a ride or help and you think its safe for me or any female in a similar situation to just jump in a strangers car in the condition i was in and don't think there's the possibility that doing so could put me in danger or that he's not going to do anything to harm me? what was he doing back there in the first place? I can tell you why i was back there, but that's irrelevant. And I never refused any help from the Walgreen's employees! I actually accepted their assistance when they offered to dial the number for me because i was so f'd up i couldn't even see the buttons on the phone to dial myself! They never offered any other assistance, they just called the cops on me because they thought i was high on heroin!

"I have no comment on why you got the dosage of the Narcan that you did."

Of coarse you don't, why doesn't that surprise me? The only part of the story that merits any malpractice besides skipping the criteria that must be met in order to sign a patient out AMA and you don't have no comment on it? Go figure.

"There may have been good reasons for the dosage you got."

Name me ONE. Just one is all I ask. But before you do, do a little research and find out if it's ever effective or permissible for that matter, to ever give a lesser dose than an equal amount in ratio to the dose of narcotics given and then tell me if you can name me just one good reason.

"the worst that can be said of the people at the hospital was that they may not have been as compassionate and tolerant as they might have been."

Nooo, the worst that can be said about the staff is just that. the Doctor however, who is not a staff member, but a contracted Physician, the worst that could be said of him is that he failed miserably by neglecting to treat me adequately. He neglected to give me equal dosage of narcan as he did morphine and then escorted me out, or kicked me out rather, without ensuring I had transportation. Thank God I was walking and not driving, i bet had i got behind the wheel in that condition and killed somebody, i bet i'd have one hell of a negligence/malpractice claim then wouldn't I?  that is, if I wasn't killed in the accident too. Hopefully my family would have sued the pants off of him if that were the case and if it were, how come THEN i would have a case but not now? all of the doctor's actions would be the same, the only actions that would be different were mine, so why would i only have a case if there were damages? do i actually have to be injured or killed to sue this man? Negligent actions are just that, it shouldn't matter what the outcome of his actions are, just the fact that he committed them should be reason enough to punish him.

"You say you had been to the hospital 8 times. I bet most of thost visits were very difficult as well, that you yelled and screamed each time, made it nearly impossible for the doctors to help you, so I can understand that by the 9th time, they are really frustrated."

First of all, the 9th visit took place at a completely different hospital, not the same one as the other 8, didn't you read where i said i told this Doctor about my experiences at the previous hospital and how that doctor had to numb the area real good so i couldn't feel it?

"Furthermore, where are the DAMAGES to justify a medical malpractice case?  Your medical condition did not worsen substantially because of what happened in your story. Yes, you could have been killed out there on the street being in the condition you were but it sounds like the only thing they could do to stop you is have you arrested which you would have really yelled about I am sure."

I have to agree with you here, finally you make a point. So there are no substantial damages, but had i got behind the wheel and drove or stumbled into oncoming traffic and got hit by a car, there would be damages and I would have a case right? well, how does that change his actions from NOT being negligent to suddenly being negligent? Either they were negligent or they weren't, it shouldn't matter what the result of his actions were to determine if they were negligent or not, the fact that he was negligent period should suffice. I realize that's not how it works and I have accepted that. But nevertheless, his action WERE negligent, like it or not.

And Of course I would be piss'd off if I were arrested, who wouldn't be? I doubt I would scream and yell though, I am respectable to police officers, cry? yes... scream or yell? I seriously doubt it, but good try though.  

"There is absolutely no legal case here, of any kind. And if you have the wherewithall to hear an objective opinion, I believe that the reason you think you have some complaint against the hospital, why you get frantic," (Show me WHERE i have gotten frantic)

"why you want to blame people for your situation who are only trying to help you" so i'm supposed to blame myself for somebody elses negligent actions? tell me the last time YOU took the blame on your own accord for something somebody else did... to YOU nonetheless!

"why you are obsessed with this story," ok, it might appear that i am now, because I am rebuttling your statements after all this time but at the time you wrote this, WHERE on earth do you see me being obsessed with this story?

"why you are so unhappy and upset"  (upset? of course! unhappy? who said I'm unhappy? I am nowhere near unhappy, in fact, I am quite the upbeat, funny person with a great sense of humor, PTSD and all... having an emotional disorder doesn't make someone unhappy, unless it's depression. Depression is not my diagnosis and you know that so why you assume I am unhappy beats me.

"I think the best thing you can do, but maybe it is more difficult than I can appreciate, is that you accept the fact that you have a mental disorder" what makes you think I hadn't already done that? If anything, my mental illness has served me to some degree because it has gotten me the help that I needed and has made my life much more manageable, even at the time that you wrote this, so I have accepted it, not everybody attaches a stigma to mental illness like most of society does and shame on you all for doing that.

"and that if someday, with the help of medication and good doctors, you will overcome it and all of these other surface problems in your life will lessen and you will feel much better."

You don't just "overcome" a mental disorder. You control the symptoms with medication and your thinking patterns and behaviors with therapy, but if you stop taking your meds or stop going to therapy, it will all come back. I realize you said "WITH" the help of medication and doctors, but the only thing that is going to happen with the help of medication and doctors is to control it and keep it in check, not overcome it. If that were only the case. But I do feel much better with the treatment I have received thus far, so thank you for that.

"That is my hope for you. Good luck"

Ya know, as piss'd off as your statements got me, I must say that it is very kind of you to end your bashing this way. That was a very kind and considerate thing to say because frankly, who the hell am I to you anyway? Nobody, so why should you even care? But you cared enough to wish me well without even knowing me and I find that quite noble, even admirable and I just want to thank you for that. I appreciate it, sincerely. I wish you well also, whoever you are.

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