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I am 23 I had the IUD for about 2 and a half years. Then one day after i had sex it felt different.  So i left it, a couple of weeks passed and i got my period or what i thought was my period. I started having really bad cramps. My husband  thought it would be a good idea to go to the emergency room. We did, they did a pregnancy test. A nurse came in my room, she told me that i wasn't pregnant. Then the doctor comes in and tells me i am pregnant. suprise! So they do some tests, they are not sure where the pregnancy was. So they give me some methotrexate shots. The next day i felt super dizzy, ringing in my ears and really painful cramps. We left to the emergency once again. They do a vaginal ultrasound and see that my right tube is larger than in my previous ultrasound.They take me to emergency surgery, remove my right tube. they tell me i have a hole in my uterus. They tell me it would be very dangerous for me to get pregnant again. So i would like to know if i should get legal advice regarding the matter.

You are getting legal advice now.  I had hundreds of Dalkon Shield IUD cases back in the 80s and I am sorry to say, have had hundreds of questions like yours about the Mirena.  Sounds like the IUD perforated the uterus.  This is not uncommon.  When you have a period, move around, the uterus contracts for any reason, it can squeeze the IUD actually through the wall of the uterus.  The enlarged tube indicates to me that you either had an infection in that tube (PID) or maybe even an ectopic pregnancy.  Probably the ectopic.  You are young. I am no doctor so don't listen to me but I would bet the perforation would heal so that you could carry a pregnancy someday, but with close care by an OB. Losing the tube will make it twice as difficult to conceive of course.  What about your legal recourse?  Probably none. This is because the doctor who inserted it did nothing wrong. It worked for a couple of years. What about suing the Mirena manufacturer??  To sue a big pharma company like that you can't do it on your own.  It takes literally millions to hire the scientists and doctors and engineers to make a case that there is a defect in design or manufacturing of the IUD.  Notwithstanding the fact that thousands have had problems with the Mirena, my search of the web does not indicate that there are any class action cases going on. Every IUD carries a risk of infection, failure (pregnancy happens) perforation and other problems. But for a legal case, there must be evidence of a defect. I have not checked for such cases recently. Just google for Mirena IUD lawyer or "Mirena class action" Mirena lawsuit, etc. See what you come up with. At the least you will find other women with similar stories to tell. Good luck.

Rosa:  This is our corrspondence long ago about your Mirena IUD.  If you have not already joined the legal against against Bayer, maker of the Mirena, please contact me again, directly.   Glenn Dorfman

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