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Medical Malpractice/uterine perforation by iud measuring instrument


3xcharm wrote at 2012-11-18 19:32:54
Ok this is definitely an unfortunate situate but honestly they did surgery to close the perforation and you got 2Ublood.  I am not sure why the prolonged depression, loss of libido, etc.  I am a nurse who gives blood all the time, it is quite common, so no need to hype that part up.  I had a recent uterine perforation and yes it sucks but it can happen.  This is always a risk with hysteroscopies, IUD implantations.  The uterus many times has fibroids (benign tumors) inside and this can stiffen the muscle tissue or disfigure it in a way that makes perforation more of a risk. Why take legal action?  Unfortunately, nobody wants to just realize that risks do happen. Instead people take legal action. Why? To get money? Too many people want to sue and then this drives our cost up. Chalk it up to a bad experience and learn from it.  Admit there were risks and unfortunately for you it didn't turn out so well, If you are still that distraught, get help  from therapist.  It's only fair to yourself and your spouse.

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