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My father passed away last year due to an antibiotic resistant bug that he acquired from neglect at a nursing home.My father was sent to a facility to be rehabbed in order to be in better standing to have his gallbladder removed.On leaving the hospital,they gave my father a feeding tube that was eventually going to be removed since he was close at passing his swallowing test.My father was there for a month and the orders were of the tube came out he was to be sent to IR for it to be reinserted,those orders were not followed and the nurse on staff admitted to reinserting(Dept of Health recorded)the tube while at his bed.Now exactly when that reinserting took place is hazy according to the nursing home.My father fell extremely ill,the nursing home was so bare with staff my brother had to call 911 and initiate help.My father was taken to the nearby hospital and from there the story gets even more much red tape,cloak and dagger events would make ur head a nutshell the doctor that was taking care of my father at the facility worked for the hospital as well so,basically we went round in circles with what happened,no one wanted to admit any fault or point fingers.we had tries numerous times to get my father transferred to another hospital to get answers,but they blocked us and kept my father until he was deemed to ill to transfer. Eventually my father was sent to an acute facility and two days later he was in emergency surgery to get the  infected cyst(size of a large grapefruit)removed or else he would die.The surgeon gad asked why wasn't it done earlier,we were told ot was never an father was rehabbing getting much better once it was removed.he was transferred to a nursing home and they saw the infection came back,he passed a couple weeks later.From the infection it shut down his kidneys,respiratory.etc I have talked with a few attorneys and most small firms but being that there is so much going on,not so much cut and dry,they found it a bit daunting.I agree there is much here lots of hands,places etc.An of course the firms want such a large amount of money,its not really financially possible for my family. I just need advice as to what of anything can be done.thank you

Most definitely; too much going on, too daunting, to difficult to isolate one bad actor but the biggest hurdle would be in my mind..........I presume your father was elderly.  He had very serious multiple medical problems.  His life span was already limited.  Even with the very best care, his life would have been in jeopardy. What expert will testify on your side that "oh sure, he had a good 5-10 years left but for Dr. X [doing something or failing to do something that any reasonably competent doctor would not have done]?  It disturbs me to hear that lawyers you contacted required money up front.  That is a red flag.  They probably were speaking in terms of costs they would incur up front which for sure would be a lot but if they weren't willing to advance those costs, they didn't have interest in the case from the git go. They knew when they mentioned the cost that you would go away. I bet $50 that if gave them a check for the 10K or whatever, they would have then said "oh sorry, we are too busy".

Please understand that I am making the presumption that the care facility provided sub-standard care and ditto with the nurses and doctors.  If your father were someone rich or famous he would have received much much better care.  But because of his condition and age going in, even if after some lawfirm spent thousands and thousands of their own money and hundreds of hours of work, the case was won, the value still probably wouldn't make it a winning proposition for that lawfirm.  In other words, the case if there was one would be "economically unviable".  And I guarantee you, if suit was filed it would be defended strenuuously on the basis that your dad was a goner anyhow and that everything was done WITHIN THE STANDARD OR CARE.........whether that is true or not.  Only recourse I see although it doesn't result in monetary compensation........if you think the care facility provided very substandard care, report it to the appropriate State agency. Hope this helps.

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