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Medical Malpractice/Rightside paralized/weaknes after steroid injection


I had the steroid injection on my back last month and my right side went numb within minutes of procedure. Was admitted to hospital. After 3MRI's and a procedure to see if my legs had any blood clots it was determined that blood was in my spine. After asking how this could happen I was told the blood seeped in the injection site when procedure was done. I also had a very excruciating headache as well which I was told it was a positional headache caused from the injection. After about 6hrs or so the feeling came back in my right arm and hand but could not use my leg.  I was told that after awhile it will come back but I had to do physical therapy to get it back to normal.  I was in the hospital for 6 days then released with use of a walker and home health. My headache lasted another week after returning home? It has now been six weeks at home and I have about 70% strength back. Do I have a case for the neglect of the pain management Dr that performed the steroid shots and caused all of this to happen?

Here is the short answer:  Firstly, any malpractice case is very expensive and defended against fiercely by the defendant doctor.  Defense is that there is a risk to any procedure, he followed the standard of care, so even if you died he would argue there was no malpractice. So, the case would be very expensive and even more time consuming to your lawyer who only gets paid if you win. So, the case must have a very high potential value to make it worth pursuing. So, to get to that level you need really serious and probably permanent injury.  That means a permanent paralysis.  For your sake, I sure hope that isn't in the cards but unless it is, no lawyer would be interested, in my opinion.  P.S.  Poor management of the pain doesn't mean much in terms of damages. Too much subjectivity involved. Also, sure, you could have been given more pain meds but at what cost to your body and health. Where is the line?  Who knows except you how much paid there was?  See the problem there.  Just get back 100% and remember it as a bad dream. That is what you should be thinking about. Good luck

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