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thanks for taking your time for this first .here is my issue I had thyroid removed 3 years ago for two tumars when i was 27 and let me tell you i never wish i had done but am gratful.something happenned in there which im not aware of found out i can request record of procedure which i have coming. The surgeon told me the procedure would take hour and half two hour piece of cake right im think im at mgh good hospital .it took about 7 hours stayed overnight and next day went home. took doctor to get the levothyroxine right for year . since this surgery i have had tingling all over my body .I cant sit any where to long with out the tingling or legs or arms falling asleep . I cant concentrate keep losing jobs for performance cant remember things cant handle my emotions very stressed . i wake up from unbelievable spasms in my calfs and joint pain .couple weeks ago rolled out of bed went to pull my self up but my arms didnt work and fell . in so much pain my wife woke up and shakes arms so eventually i can move them. I keep getting sick and last for months last cold took over month to kick also had pnemoneau as well dont know this is from surgery never had this problem before they have my level around.5 i take 225 mg of levo a day that hospital sux mylegs were hanging off bed for whole day never gave me extension to put feetup and be comfotable my primary just doesnt listen to me getting new one

I found it difficult to understand your story but I see you have had a difficult time.  First thing that must be known and understood before any legal road is taken is, what the problem is.  Sounds like you have several things going on.  You need a diagnosis for the cause of the problems you complain of.  Why should we think these problems are caused by the surgery 3 years ago and even if they are, why should we think your doctors did something wrong.........unless another qualified doctor has led you to believe that.  So, I don't know what is going on with you and don't have a clue what caused it so I don't know of any reason to blame the surgeon 3 years ago.  Other problem is this.......STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS. Even if the surgery was botched it is probably too late to take legal action.  Google as of your State statute of limitations medical malpractice......... Good luck.

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