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Medical Malpractice/unauthorised injections


i was on a cruise ship and we got to loud and drunk, next thing i was swept away to a back room with my hands tied behind my back and injected once in each leg and twice in my buttocks with unknown substances by the ships doctor, nobody could tell me what was being injected in me nor did i give anybody any consent to do this, this happened 4 days ago and i still do not feel 100% i cannot stay awake and all my bones ache, 2 questions, 1 is this legal and 2 any ideas what was given to me and how i can flush it from my system to feel like i did before i went on this cruise, i would love to go to a doctor for help but after this experience i dont really know who i can trust, can you help?

Frankly Thomas, much as I try, I can't quite believe the story you tell so I can't answer you questions except to say that I have never heard of anything like that ever happening, never heard of it.  I also cannot understand why a passenger would be treated the way you say.  I can't imagine them injecting something into you, like some kind of sedative, without your consent. I don't know of any injections that are injected into each leg. I think it is easier to believe that someone slipped you some kind of drug or you took some kind of drug voluntarily and you hallucinated and now those hallucinations seem real to you.  Best advice I can offer is this..........DON'T BE AN IDIOT AGAIN. You are bound to get in more trouble otherwise.  

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