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I had an LP done in an ER without informed or written consent. The ER doctor did not examine me because I was not asked to change into a gown..Before the LP was done I had a CT of my head that confirmed a sinus infection stated on the chart as air fluid levels in my left maxillary sinus. My condition before the LP on the charts states, stiff neck, no reflexes, chest tightness, sensory loss, tightness on bending legs, unable to extend or latterly rotate or flex neck, cool to the touch..The fever, headache, nausea, red spots and more all noted on the 4 other ER visits prior to the LP..Anyway after the LP was done and a full vial of spinal fluid taken I was given and ativan and oral antibiotic zithromax. By 6:30 am I was unhooked from IV an my neighbor and witness was told to take me home even thought the nurses note state uncontrollable shakiness after the LP. When I was taken home I went to my bed and then stood up and I cannot feel my limbs and I am drowsy..My neighbors parents then take me back to an ER..The doctor working in the ER is told I had a LP and I am weak but I am being denied medical help by this doctor and I am being yelled at I need psychiatric help over and over..This is within 3 hours of having an LP done in the ER..
From that point on an extensive cover up and denial of medical help from all..My spouse had asked what was wrong with me why I was not walking, talking or eating but no doctor would tell him anything..They kept the info about the LP from him and hid all the blood test results claiming I am just mentally ill..I got the IV antibiotic treatment at a later date in a psych ward where they further covered this up..
The tests that needed to be done for the infectious disease were not done as the spinal fluid was hemolyzed and tests could not be preformed and no repeat of LP was ever done..An expert told me my records were stripped of all the things he would have expected to find..
Since I have been dealing with concealment of damage issues and denial of tests to stop me from finding out the extent of the damage to my bones, brain, and organs..Only got an MRI of my spine with help..Their is so much alteration and falsification in my records its unreal..The first ER doctor failed to treat my infection and listed it as Viral..So by ER visit 4 in the same week I have Meningitis too..This is what is being concealed in my records..The spinal fluid only removed in my opinon to get rid of the stiff neck so I could be gotten rid of out of the ER and no one would ever know..My remaining alive was unexpected..Its only because of the concealment of damage that everything was stalled.

You apparently have recovered so I must presume that you received adequate medical care and therefore there is certainly no medical malpractice case here.  Instead of accusing those medical providers and imagining them as wanting to hurt you (they could have killed you if they wanted to, right?), why not thank them for the good work they did in making  you better? Best of luck.

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