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I chose to have a Mirena coil fitted after the birth of my second child in 2006. I was told at the time I ought to check for strings, but not how to do this. I was given no literature and not made aware of any risks associated with the device.

I was due to have the device replaced last year, but when I went to do so my doctor could not find the strings. I was referred for an internal scan, which could not locate the device and was told I needed an x-ray. The x-ray showed that the device is in the left of my pelvis in the abdominal cavity.

I have an appointment next week to see a gynaecologist who will refer my for a laparoscomy as this is now the only way it can be removed. I have two friend with Mirenas both of whom have had difficulty with the strings being located.

Is this a common problem? I am having to have surgery that I obviously do not want to remove something that I had no idea could migrate around my body. The surgery is highly inconvenient and forces me to take time off work, when I would otherwise not need it (I am a teacher). is there anything I can do so others do not have to experience similar problems?

Rebecca:  I have some background with IUD issues having handled probably 200 Dalkon Shield cases back in the 80s and early 90s.  Over the past few years I have probably had over 100 questions like yours, involving the Mirena perforating the uterine wall.  But the amazing thing is, I am not aware of any large scale litigation against the manufacturer.  One case cannot proceed on its own. Sometimes even millions of dollars are required to hire the scientists, doctors, engineers, researchers etc. to establish the case that there is something defective in the design and or manufacturing of the device.  The Dalkon Shield had a specific and clear defect that led to infections. But and IUD, like any foreign object that might be in the uterus, could through normal contractions or movements be forced through the wall.  So, I think the problem is that there is no particular design flaw. The problem is inherent to any such device introduced into the uterus.  All I can suggest is that you search online for other women with similar issues.  I know there are thousands of them. Share information. See where it leads.  Put another way, the problem is not with the Mirena, it is with the concept of an IUD, of any brand or type.  The fact that you were not given instructions or more information regarding risks, is, well, unfortunate but even if you had, you will have opted for the device and nothing would have changed and you can't build an expensive lawsuit against the doctor on the lack of informed consent, alone. Good luck.

Thanks and you're welcome. I'm not a doctor but if the IUD is in the abdominal cavity, the only way it got there was to get squezzed through the wall of the uterus. In other words, it perforated the uterus.  I find that hard to understand also happens.

REBECCA:  This is the old correspondence with had nearly 4 years ago.  If you did require surgical removal of the Mirena and have not as yet filed a claim against Bayer, I would be glad to communicate further with you.  No cost to you ever.  There have now been enough such cases to create nationwide legal action against the manufacturer and I could be of assistance to you in joining that effort.  Glenn Dorfman

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