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Can copper poisoning iintensify fibromyalgia pain

Is an decreased libo a side effect from having IUD Copper poisoning?

How odd that you would think to ask a lawyer these questions.  I do have long experience with IUD litigation (where the damages were pelvic infections, hysterectomies, ectopic pregancies, uterine perforation etc.........serious measurable injuries) but we lawyers did not go to medical school. You need to ask these questions of a doctor who did.  Certainly a gynecologist is best qualified to answer these questions.  But from a legal point of view, neither "intensified fibromyalgia pain" nor "deceased libido" could ever be the basis of some legal case against the doctor who gave you the IUD nor the company that designed and manufactured the IUD. Why is that you ask?  Apparently you had pre-existing fibromyalgia.  How do we measure the intensification? Fibromyalgia is diagnosed in millions of women who never used a copper IUD.  How do we prove it caused or intensified yours????  Decreased libido?  Millions of people of both sexes experience that mostly as a normal result of getting older, don't you agree? You have gotten older haven't you? Couldn't there also be other reasons why your sex partner isn't as attractive to you as he used to be??? How do we measure your decrease in libido?  Perhaps we could chart how often you had sex before the IUD and then after.  But how do we account for other changes in your life or the life of your sex partner and how those changes may have impacted your interest in sex???  Get my points?  These things are not measurable and in any event, there is no scientific evidence to my knowledge that they would be related to use of a copper IUD anyhow.  There might be speculation on those subjects that you have seen on the internet but certainly nothing strong enough to be the basis of any kind of litigation. I have spent years and obtained millions for victims of the Dalkon Shield IUD and other bad medical products.  For 35 years I have been on the side of people harmed by defective medical products or drugs. I guarantee you that you are barking up the wrong tree in regards to your symptoms.  

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