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My father recently passed away and I'm looking at the last 2 reports of when he was in the hospital.  The second to last he was admitted for multiple reasons, stemming from drinking alcohol and an accidental drug overdose from medications prescribed.  They discharged him and 7 days later he was right back in and passed away.  At the bottom of the sheet from the second to last visit there is a list of discharge medications that they gave him to take.  Flonase, Lantus, Lisinopril, Tenormin, Lyrica, Prilosec, more Lyrica for later, Dilantin, Levothyroxine, Aspirin, Colace, Motrin, Effexor, Remeron, Vistaril, Naprosyn, and Insulin (He was diabetic).  To me this seems like way too many medications and I found that quite a few of them have adverse interactions with one another.  7 days later he had fallen and broken a few bones, including a head fracture, was admitted again, and passed away due to organ failure.  Something doesn't seem right and I'm wondering if I should contact a lawyer.  Thank you.

Likely you should. IT seems way excessive to me as well. WHere did this happen? If you need a good attorney in MIchigan to review, please let me know.

Please be aware that there are short time limits for malpractice cases in every state. Do not delay.

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