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I would like to know whether or not I was a victim of malpractice or if it was my own body just rejecting the iud device?

I suffered horrible pains;abdomen,back,and chest. I experienced horrific migraines, nausea, and faintness. Last week I went in the local planned parenthood, to have a "professional" check for the iud strings. Upon immediate inspection, she saw my iud falling out. She had a look of concern, and asked,"Who placed your iud? As she shook her head in disapproval. She stepped out the room in a hurried manner to collect her forceps. She said she had to locate the other "piece." She then placed the device in a sealed bag, which she held up and inspected. I took a look at the device and saw that it looked broken, or mangled. She then prescribed the pill form of birth control and sent me on my way.

You left out a very important piece of information. How long was it in??? If it was in place for a few weeks or longer, then your problems were not the result of some negligence at the insertion.  I am not a doctor and one would need to be consulted but I do have long experience with IUD litigation. If the IUD was doing OK and then problems developed, that was no doubt due to the action of your own body in contracting, menstuating, etc.  I don't know how a gyn problem with an IUD can cause headaches except as perhaps a secondary reaction to pain. Ditto with nausea. That could have been from many other things.  You mentioned nothing about bleeding so I also don't think you can connect "faintness".  If that was the extent of your problems, consider yourself lucky. I personally have responded to questions from at least 100 women who suffered  an embeddment where the Mirena gets stuck into the wall of the uterus and causes pain and bleeding and needs surgical removal or, actual perforation of the uterus where surgery must be done to find and remove it from OUTSIDE the uterus.  There is currently litigation going on against the company that makes the Mirena and you can find lawfirms involved on the internet but your damages are very limited if there are any at all and I don't think a firm would be interested.  Bottom line, I am guessing you had the IUD for a good period of time and its condition was just from wear and tear inside your body for months or years and those symptoms were from something completely unrelated.  Just a guess but the best I have. Definitely nothing upon which to spend months or years and tens of thousands of dollars suing a doctor over, that I guarantee you.

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